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Create a better life by sharing of arts – our vision, our life

The College is dedicated to create value in bringing the quintessential of music and arts through the joy and fun in learning and expression of arts in our student to make every moment a better moment for everyone.

Singapore Raffles Music College

SRMC is a tertiary institution registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE).

University Of West London

UWL aims to inspire the students to become innovative professionals, connecting them to exciting careers.


The College has a number of courses in a diverse range of majors.

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Nov 12
School's Out, Memories Past, Don't Ever Doubt, Our Friendship Will Last... The time of the year has finally come again for the major yearly event! It was the day when…
Oct 21
念, pronounced as “Nen” in Japanese, is an extremely versatile character. It can either refer to thought or to speech. By adding the appropriate character in front, all levels of…
Oct 20
SRMC has provided me with great musical education background. Under the guidance of Dr. Pual Liang, I have felt a great improvement on my practical performance. Besides that, SRMC also…

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